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“My designer boutique has always been overlooked and when I felt that I need it to be livelier, I thought of lighting design to highlight my collection. And I can bet my life that I made the right choice with AM. They understood my requirement and patiently helped me to get the look I wanted. My sales have gone up and a lot of credit goes to these guys!. You guys rock.”

Biana Alwa

“I had complaints about eye strain at my office and so did several of my employees, I was told by my optician that wasn’t good. But I didn’t want bright high voltage bills that would shoot up my bills. AM electric & lighting design Inc. helped me to get a bright office and that too without increase in the bill amount. I pay almost the same amount, I’d say lesser at time and have a bright office!”


“We are an aged couple on social security and the light bills seemed to get the better of us all the time. A nice person from A.M Electric & Lighting helped us understand the reason and they helped us with the changes. I had to shell out their fees but ever since I see that their well planned designing makes more home brighter and my electricity bills lower. Thanks & God Bless!”

Bill Master

“Thanks AM Lighting for the great work and for making my home a SMART HOME. You guys have helped me become more aware about electric consumption and have made my life a lot simpler. I have better control over my electric appliances now. Thanks once again”

Missy James

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